Parking Revenue Recovery Services

PRRS is Your Ticket to Getting Paid

PRRS Employees adhere to the Code of Conduct policy published by ACA international, the premier trade organization for collection agencies world wide. 

As a result of your decision to use PRRS's Parking Enforcement  / Collection Services, your company and clients will realize the following benefits:

  • Increased customer compliance
  • Increased parking revenue
  • Reduction of habitual / scofflaw violators
  • Enhanced customer service and reduction of customer complaints
  • Improved relations with BBB, media and local, state government services
  • Reallocation of staff and their focused priorities
  • Full accountability and transparency through enhanced reporting and internal audit controls 

Our services will bring receivables back in line.  Our programs are easy to implement with very little transition required.  Ready to take the next step? Contact our Sales Team today!  TAKE ACTION NOW!

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