ALL-Inclusive Parking Enforcement PROGRAM 

Is a turn-key enforcement program, whereby PRRS handles all parking enforcement responsibilities and services, including issuing parking notices.  This program is our most effective and valued-added program.  The clients currently using this program love that we've taken the day-to-day parking enforcement duties off their already full plates.  Your revenue will increase substantially and YOUR parking operations will operate more efficiently.  We've had great success with our clients who are currently using the program.  

Windshield Forward Program

PRRS will handle all violators from the moment the parking notice is issued by your staff, providing both customer service and collection services.   Our staff responds timely to all violator communications: disputes, appeals, questions, etc.  All disputed notices will be reviewed and resolved by PRRS, subject to mutually agreed-upon dispute guidelines.  

Attorney Collection Program

This program is our standard collection service, whereby PRRS handles all violators from approximately 30-days after the parking notice is issued.  PRRS send out one or more attorney collection letters.  The Attorney Collection Program works well and is very effective, assuming the client current operations do a great job of both issuing parking notices and handling customer disputes and questions once a notice is issued.