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A new standard in Parking Enforcement:


The PRRS/ ARC system is a free flowing solution to maximize parking revenues by automation of enforcement efforts with an asset-light software-based solution on parking premises nationwide.

ARC is powered by Asura Technologies' ALPR and smart video analytics and the 20-year hands-on parking enforcement and collection experience of Parking Revenue Recovery Services (PRRS). The ARC portfolio is a collection of services that cover the full spectrum of parking enforcement, parking notice management and violation free collection.

  • All corners covered: PRRS/ ARC handles parking enforcement, parking notice management, online payment processing and offers collection services.
  • Unmatched efficiency: PRRS/ ARC handles is the best way to recover parking revenue by increasing enforcement efficiency. Parking lots using the system experience a 3 to 5x increase in the number of parking notice issued.
  • Works around the clock: PRRS/ ARC automation enables 24/7 monitoring of the parking activity in the parking lot.

What is ARC?

ARC is a parking enforcement automation using ALPR and video analytics technology to register parking vehicles and automatically match parking payment data with their duration of stay. No gates or barriers needed to obstruct traffic flow, the system picks up all traffic in and out of the parking lot.

ARC is a precise and comprehensive alternative to manual parking enforcement, operating 24/7


PRRS will create exceptional value for your parking operations by enhancing the enforcement techniques.

— One of our clients recently told someone at the NPA show

How ARC works

ARC is a software solution using video input of cameras installed on the parking site. A typical installation uses 2 cameras for each entry and exit and a server for local data processing. On-site Internet connectivity is also a requirement.

ARC Chart

Portfolio of Services

  • PRRS/ARC Frictionless Parking Enforcement
  • PRRS/ ARC 360
  • PRRS/ ARC Collection Services
  • PRRS/ ARC Mobiles (Add-on)

PRRS/ ARC Frictionless Parking Enforcement

Take parking enforcement to the next level with this 24/7 automatic, gate- and barrierless solution.

  • Vehicles are registered at entry and exit using ALPR.
  • Parking payment is checked upon exit based on LP info by querying parking meters and any alternative payment solutions associated with the parking lot.


Leave your parking enforcement operation to us by opting for the complete enforcement, citation management and collection service package.

  • PRRS Frictionless Parking Enforcement included,
  • Parking offenders' personal information retrieved from DMV,
  • Citation management including issuing and posting a physical copy of the parking notice.
  • Online, card payment and payment by check for clients included.
  • Collection services for pending violations.

PRRS/ ARC Collection Services

Streamline outstanding parking enforcement revenue recovery using our services.

  • Run DMV lookups for offending vehicles in states where DMV databases are publicly accessible, and the owner information is not yet available.
  • Perform automatic citation management in bulk, issue nad post physical copies of citations.
  • Online, card payment and payment by check for clients included.
  • Collection services for pending violations.

PRRS/ ARC Mobile - Add-on for manual parking enforcement operation

Give your parking enforcement field staff a solution that sorts out parking payment checks and speed up manual enforcement.

  • Check parking payment status on officers' handheld for all payment options associated with a parking site, following a quick license plate reading.
  • Payment integrations: T2 Systems, PayByPhone, Text2Park, Parkmobile, Cale (Flowbird), ParkMan, OmniPark, SpotHero, LAZGo, Passport, GetMyParking and many more providers.
  • Works as a hybrid solution with Frictionless Parking Enforcement as well
  • Automatically generates parkingn otice for the enforcement officer, ready to be printed and placed on windshield.

Financing for Frictionless Site installations

PRRS/ Asura Technologies, the company powering ARC System provides financing for site installations.

Financing Menu12 Co-Financing3 Co-Financing
PRRS/ ASURA Contribution (%)1005030
Operator/ Client Contributions (%)05070
PRRS/ ASURA Contribution (%)756550
Operator/ Client Contributions (%)253550
PRRS/ ASURA/ ARC Minimum Service FEE (Per camera operating on site, due monthly)$500$400$250

About PRRS/ ARC System

Automatic Revenue Collection System or ARC System for short is the fruit of the collaboration between Asura Technologies, developing ALPR and AI-based video analytics solutions and Parking Revenue Recovery Services, the Denver (CO) based parking enforcement and collections company

Asura Technologies has been delivering smart traffic safety, vehicle indentification and general safety automation built on its proprietary technology, its recent projects including the official quarantine app of Hungary for the Covid epidemic, Frictionless Parking Enforcement and Automatic Road deficiency detection.

PRRS is a Denver, Colorado company with over 20 years of experience on all fields of parking enforcement and collections handling over 400 parking lots across the US.

Together the companies power ARC to set a new standard in parking enforcement.