About Us

Our Services

Since 2005, PRRS has been providing superior parking enforcement and collection services to the parking industry. Our clients include Parking Operators, Municipalities, Universities, Private Property Owners, Multi-Family Housing and Hospitals in over 45 cities across North America.

Our Mission

We have achieved success by:

  • Creating exceptional value through increased customer compliance.
  • Maximized collections revenue.
  • Delivering exceptional customer service.

PRRS maximizes value through excellence, innovation and efficiency in our program services, delivered by a highly skilled team of professionals dedicated to outstanding customer service.

Our Guarantee

PRRS guarantees its parking enforcement/collection services are grounded upon full legal compliance with all applicable laws and superior customer service.

  • Legal Compliance - PRRS and its designated attorneys fully comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Drivers Privacy Protection Act and all other applicable laws. Both PRRS and its designated attorneys are insured. PRRS’s Daniel B. Kelley, Esq. continues to manage the mailings of attorney collection letters in multiple states.
  • Customer Service - PRRS's professional, highly skilled team of collectors provides exceptional customer service, by treating your parking customers courteously and fairly.


PRRS will create exceptional value for your parking operations by enhancing the enforcement techniques.

— One of our clients recently told someone at the NPA show

Our Services

  • All-Inclusive Program
  • Attorney Collection Program (Daniel B. Kelley, Esq.)
  • DMV Look-up (Over 45-States)
  • Customer Service Call Center
  • Small Balance Recovery
  • Letter Campaigns
  • Windshield Forward Program
  • Monthly Parking Delinquency
  • Promissory Note Program
  • PRRS is ACDBE / WBE Certified